Saturday, November 1, 2008


這一次,我們選擇吃Nando’s, 接著再前往paddington’s餐厅吃甜点。

甜点-有点失望,因为: What u see is not what u get !

Nando's Peri-peri (Nando's 是来自北美-非洲)

餐后甜点 -煎饼香蕉冰淇淋

然后我再买了一包“紅pop pop”的番茄买了一双鞋。



Gromit said...

i very like Nandos,,,,when i getting well, i will come again

wait me, nandos :)

Lee Lay Pheng said...

There is a Nando's promotion now.
23 Oct ~ 4 Jan 09.
Something for you to scratch to redeem your reward (meal) for your next visit. I scratch and got a free Novo Pita meal but have condition one lah.. must spend at RM25 to enjoy this free meal.
Somemore you may participate a contest to win to South Afrika, UK, Aus or RM100 Nando's cash voucher. Is cool ...

小虾 said...

KH Ooi is the lover also right..haha...LP Lee, i like your black wild jacket..on previous article..yeah yeah..pls wear it and take photo to share..

小虾 said...

LP Lee, Gromit already teach you to post the HTML code for cute cute doggie clock? y i never see geh??

Lee Lay Pheng said...

Errr.. yes teach me but when I wanted to click the link into the doggie link from your blog but cant find from your blog already.

Thanks.. that day I saw another one
in Jusco, beige colour one in Jusco very nice too ... and I wanted to buy it but at last I bought a pair of shoes.... now I am thinking of her leh !


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